Future Concerts

We are delighted to announce our concert forecast for the 2021/22 season! Covid-19 has of course prevented us from meeting to rehearse in-person for over a year-and-a-half, but we are hopeful that our return to live rehearsals in September 2021 will continue without interruption, so that we can once again sing to a live audience!

Our first concert is one of reflection and remembering, looking back over the trials and tribulations of the Pandemic, but also looking forward with hope and life. The second programme is one of exaltation and joy, and celebrates the choir’s fortieth anniversary (albeit one year late!) as well as our great royal heritage in Her Majesty the Queen’s platinum  jubilee year. We may also be taking part in a third concert this year (keep the evening of Sunday 12 June 2022 in your diary), as soon as we know more, we’ll update this page!

On Remembrance Sunday – 14 NOVEMBER 2021 – at 5:00pm we will perform two works by Dan Forrest in the huge space of Wellingborough United Reformed Church. The concert, lasting just over one hour, will feature the Wellingborough Singers, and will be accompanied by organ, chamber orchestra, and also feature the Stanwick Handbells. The music – Requiem for the Living and in paradisum … is prayerful, soothing, and yet uplifting, and will help us honour the memory of those we have lost over the last eighteen months. Full details will be published shortly, including details of our Covid-19 secure plan for the concert.

Our second concert takes place almost forty-one years to the day since our first ever concert performance: Saturday 5 MARCH 2022 at 7:30pm. It is fitting that the work we perform is the same as that first concert – Henry Purcell’s King Arthur. It would have happened forty years to the day, but sadly Covid-19 got in the way!

Setting words by John Dryden, who grew us just a few miles North-east of Wellingborough in Titchmarsh, Purcell’s epic tale tells the story of Arthur, king of the Britons and Oswald, Saxon king of Kent. They are rivals for the hand of Emmeline, the blind daughter of the Duke of Cornwall. Already ten bloody battles have been fought and the Saxons have been driven back. The decisive conflict is about to be launched when Emmeline and her attendant Matilda are captured by Oswald. Arthur, having resisted the temptations of two sirens, captures the spirit Grimbald and breaks the enchantments that are set against him. In the last act the opposing armies fight: Arthur meets Oswald in hand-to-hand conflict and, disarming him, offers him his freedom. Emmeline (whose sight has been restored) and Arthur are united. Merlin banishes the winds and Britain’s island rises from the sea.

It is an epic story, and highlights include the frost scene, the music of which featured in the TV series The Crown, and the song Fairest Isle, all isles excelling, a pæan of praise for this sceptred isle, so fitting for this Platinum Jubilee year of Her Majesty the Queen.

We are delighted to be joined by the period instrument orchestra Charivari Agréable, and their vivacious director Dr Kah-Ming Ng, for this performance. Full details will follow later in 2021.