Future Concerts

Our third concert of 2022 promises to be truly remarkable. We are joined by a string orchestra, harp, soloists, and the thundering organ of Wellingborough United Reformed Church for The Christmas Celebration

The first half of this matinée concert will include the first UK performance of two works by women composers – The Ballad of the Brown King by Margaret Bonds (1913-1972) and Peace on Earth by Amy Beach (1867-1944) – pictured below. After you are suitably refreshed in the interval we return for a smörgåsbord of popular carols for choir, organ, orchestra, soloists, and audience! Expect to be thrilled and uplifted.

Full details of the concert, including how to purchase tickets, will follow on this page and on our Facebook page in early October. 

We can also reveal that our first concert in 2023 will be another rare performance – an unjustly neglected masterpiece for chorus, soloists, and orchestra from the pen of Antonín Dvořák; his oratorio – The Spectre’s Bride.

Now here’s a story you don’t here in most choral concerts … it concerns a young woman whose bridegroom has gone far away. How far he has gone becomes apparent when he returns as a dead ghost, beckoning her to follow him so he can consummate their marriage before daybreak. She follows him with fear in her heart, asking him questions but receiving no answers. The dead groom demands her prayer-book and rosary, which he hurls far away from them. They approach a graveyard behind a church; her groom has thrown her wedding dress over the wall and now asks her to jump over it herself. She refuses to do so, but this doesn’t stop the dead man from vaulting the wall and demanding admission to the house, which is surrounded by ghosts who ask a corpse laid out there to get up and answer the door. The girl again prays, this time to Mary the mother of Jesus to free her from evil. In the village a rooster crows, announcing the dawn; the ghost of the bridegroom disappears as churchgoers stand in surprise before an open grave, the now torn wedding dress next to the frightened woman. They learn of her story and praise her actions.

Wow! Expect dramatic choruses, virtuosic orchestral playing, and amazing solo arias. And in Terry Heard’s modern English version, with its associated tightening of the orchestral forces, you will be carried along in this thrilling ride.

Full details will be published in early 2023 … for now … save the date : Saturday 20 May 2023!