Another Spring Concert Success

Your blogist was unfortunately unable to participate in Saturday’s concert, so can only report on the comments from independent concert-goers –  which were universally positive.  “Sounded great”;  “Great soloists”;  “Baritone soloist  was great”; “The tenor was very good, too”;  “Loved the amazing range of the soprano soloist”, and “Couldn’t understand the words, but the whole thing was super” were typical comments.  As the “words” are in Old German Latin, Old German or plain Latin, it’s hardly surprising that they were incomprehensible, and a very good reason why there was  a translation!

The big second half aria – all the way up to top B for the Baritone – he drove to sing for us all the way from Mannheim in Germany!
The Keith Crompton Percussion Ensemble relax between movements!
And here’s the full choir, conductor, soloists, pianists and percussionists et al!

To quote our Director of Music, “We had an absolute “blast” on Saturday in Carmina Burana.  So, many thanks to all who performed, assisted, or came to support us. We’re already looking ahead to next term and Puccini’s “Messa di Gloria”!

Another Spring Concert under the choir’s belts, and it turned out to be a very enjoyable one too, somewhat to the surprise of the choristers perhaps, who were finding the tongue twisting speed of some the piece a problem to start with!

Now for the Summer break, the Annual Party and then back to rehearsals for the Christmas Concert on 8 December 2018, which should be another enjoyable event, so put the date in your diary!

A Postcard from Puccini! 

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