Rehearsals going well!

We have been hard at work on Mahler’s “Resurrection Symphony”and Orff’s “Carmina Burana” in our rehearsals this January.  For those who have sung neither before it’s been great fun learning new works, and if one’s a second bass a whole new voice range has been opened up by the Mahler!  With Russian-style low notes and almost top tenor highs we have been working our vocal chords in a whole new way.

So, all is going well and we are looking forward to singing in St Mathew’s Church on 10 March, with the Northampton Bach Choir, Daventry  Choral Society and the Chapel Choir of the Malcolm Arnold Academy where we will be joined by virtuoso organist David Briggs to perform his transcription of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony, together with soloists Jeanette Ager and Alison Roddy.  Don’t miss it!

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